USA Elections 2016

In about a week from today, America will decide to keep its identity, thus remaining Great, or go chase after European Illuminist dream and liberalism and therefore go extinct.

Joke: a blindfolded rabbit and a blindfolded snake meet for the first time. To identify themselves started petting each other. The snake went first: long ears, long hind legs, fast heartbeat, fluffy fur…you are a rabbit! Then the rabbit tells the snake: you are cold…long, heartless, forked tongue…you are a politician!

Both candidates have personal issues, but one is determined to keep America on the right path, while the other is determine to destroy the American way of life.

In a week Christians will choose. We don’t vote for the best candidate: Ted Cruz is not running! George Bush neither! We vote for the better candidate. We vote for the candidate that would inflict the least damage to this Great Nation, a candidate that would least harm the country, a candidate that will allow Christians to keep and bear arms (2nd Amendment), a candidate that will allow Christians to associate freely, to worship freely, to assemble freely (1st Amendment), a candidate that is Pro Life, Pro Israel and Pro Investment. A pro America, and its exceptionalism. A Candidate that believes the US Constitution is not fluid and subject to interpretation, but is the Supreme Law of The Land.

You can determine which direction we take! Its the vested power that God gave you! I put before you life and death, good and evil, blessings or cursing. I commend you to choose life that you may live!

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