I’m for Ted Cruz

In the wave of the Indiana’s Primaries, I remember a Romanian folk story about this brilliant young kid that wanted to get married. He eyeballed this gal, and for no particular reason decided to marry her. He invited her over for a “meet the parents” festive dinner. As she was limping up the stairs, his parents sensed that something is wrong with her. One leg appeared to be inches shorter than the other. During the pleasantries, his parents also noticed her lack of manners. At the dinner table, it was obvious that the girl can’t hear well. When asked to pass the salt, she passed the pepper, so she could not see either. They could not converse on any subject as the girl was unable to communicate or express her thoughts. When they parted ways, hugging and saying the goodbyes, the parents smelled a strong body odor radiating from her unshaved arm pits.

The door closed and locked shot behind her. They looked at each other in terror and at the only son they had and at unison they asked “Why- why her”?? The son, jumping up and down and yelling from the top of his lungs: “I want her!!!”
But son, she is illiterate, dumb, ugly and her armpits smell like rotten cheese! Mom, dad, where have you seen a perfect girl???
The immature son, is the American Electorate. The stinky gal is Donald Trump.
When asked “why” they can’t find an answer. We like Trump! Well, here are a few reasons why you like Donald Trump. He is vulgar, illiterate, womanizer, condescending, bigot, arrogant…and smells trouble. The American Electorate yells at unison (just like the german people before Hitler) We Want Him!
America, come to your senses! Elect a gentleman, elect Ted Cruz!

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