Romanian Texan

Recently I had revisited the previous Census (Census 2000) data, and I was impressed of how many people declare themselves Romanian or Romanian descendants in DFW Metroplex. About 4800. Unfortunately, the polling strategy for Census 2010 has changed in such way that no clear head count was possible based on National origin other than some obscure categories in which our beloved Mioritical race didn’t make it. This is not reflected at all in our Sunday morning services, where adding up all Churches, with all denominations, and their active membership, we conclude that a mere few hundreds folks actually get involved in the Community. 

We are people of deep religious convictions, (either Biblical or not, either Evangelical or Traditional), yet when outside of the national borders we prefer to cleave to any other nations but Romanians.

Part of this defect behavior appears to be the self elevated Church leaders. No matter the denominations, the issues are quite the same: trickery, deceit, megalomania, lack of humbleness, lack of common sense, lack of common courtesy, etc. The traditional values are no longer needed. And so comes that our compadres, by biting left and right, pushing, pulling, jerking make their way to the top. When it comes to admire the scenery, all they see is bruises, sickness, despair. 

Now, the very same pastors, prelates, deacons, (…) that have created this mess, want to come back and fix it, proposing new solutions. 

Enough! Get out of the way dinosaurs. Go extinct. Hit the road. Move to Hawaii, Alaska or Guam! I don’t care, just leave us alone!    

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